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1025 Game




1025TM Disc Golf Game - Drive for Show, Putt for Dough!


The 1025 Disc Golf Game is provided free of charge in the App Store.  If you don't have an iPhone, then you can try our web based App or download the PDF Version.

What is 1025?

1025TM is a skills-based program designed to improve your disc golf putt and enhance competitive play.  A complete round consists of 36 putts measured from 10’ to 35’, tiered in 5’ intervals.  A perfect round will result in a score of 1025. 

How Do You Play 1025?

Instructions: Measure and mark the putting distances from the basket.  Throw 6 putts from each tier.  In order to account for variances in wind condition, lighting, and ground slope, no more than 2 putts may be thrown from a single location.  It is suggested that you set up a triangle for each tier and throw 2 putts from each location. 

What is included with our 1025 App?

  • Multi-Player Scorecard
  • High Score Tracker
  • Send Your Scorecard or High Score List via Email
  • Shop for Discs, Baskets, and More Directly from You iPhone

Sample PDF Scoresheet

1025 Disc Golf Game