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DGA Mach Lite - Portable Disc Golf Basket

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  • Mach Lite Blue
  • DGA Mach Lite Target
  • DGA Mach Lite Blue Sky
  • DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket Assembly
  • DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket Pin
  • DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Target
  • DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket Assembly 3
  • DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket Tripod

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  1. great basket!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2016

    solid basket that captures discs about as well as those at a course. Easy set up and portability.

  2. rapid shipment, rugged basket

    Posted by CE on 28th Sep 2016

    basket arrived right on time, and is a full-sized setup. Rugged components, looks like rust might be the only enemy.

  3. Great purchase

    Posted by Billy on 13th Aug 2015

    Very solid basket, chains are nice and thick and grab the disk, comes with a carrying case so it is portable, base is more solid than it looks in the pictures. Got free shipping and it arrived in 3 days.

  4. Had it a year

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2015

    I've had this basket for a year now. I use it indoors and out. Great construction, takes some abuse, stands up in heavy winds and folds up and carries well. Can't asy enough good stuff about it, worth the money.

  5. Love it so far

    Posted by Eaton on 7th Feb 2015

    I have only had the Mach lite disc basket for a week, but it is easy to set up and take down. I expect to get lots of use out of the basket.

  6. My son loved it.

    Posted by Nick on 29th Dec 2014

    Works great. Looks great. Kid loves it. Nice portable unit. Light weight, But very sturdy

  7. great basket at a great price

    Posted by Andrew Runze on 4th Sep 2014

    I recently bought one of these baskets for my back yard. I couldn't believe how easy and quick it is to set up and take down which is a big plus given that I don't want to leave it out all the time. It's extremely stable and can handle any shot you throw at it, yet light enough to move around. The bag it comes with is also perfect for bringing it wherever you feel like throwing a few. Perfect basket to practice putting at a great price.

  8. DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket review

    Posted by Brandon on 14th Aug 2014

    The first DG basket I've purchased and have no complaints through 2 weeks of daily activity. Quality, durability, and simplicity make this basket an excellent practice buddy.

  9. Perfect basket

    Posted by troy pendzimas on 2nd Aug 2014

    This is the perfect basket for practice putts and taking on a few challenges with friends. Easy to pack up and go to the beach and throw a few games from different areas. Fast and easy to assemble, and the bag makes transport easy! its a little heave weighing at 28lbs however what would you expect with all that chain. It could use another set however it could use another set of chains however that would make it heavier. Great basket for the price! works great!!

  10. Good portable basket

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2014

    A little heavy for my kids to move around but I do like it a lot. Discs bounce out quite often but you will improve your putting immensely. I recommend this- it is pretty solid for the price.

  11. It's the real thing!

    Posted by Jim Cobb on 14th May 2014

    ...or close enough, anyway. Sturdy, durable, with a nice set of chains that seem pretty grabby. At 26 pounds, it's portable as far as you care to carry 26 pounds.

    Highly recommended!

  12. Excellent Product

    Posted by William Tryon on 9th Apr 2014

    it took about a week to get here but it was worth the wait. I put the basket together right when i got it and started putting. it is excellent for practice and seems sturdy enough to last a long time.

  13. Grear portable basket

    Posted by Dan on 31st Mar 2014

    Hey this is a nice basket. Super easy to put up, catches well, and is very portable.I have a basket in my yard, going to keep this in my trunk and use it at work or where ever I have a some time to practice.

  14. A solid basket for a solid shot!

    Posted by Chris on 17th Jul 2013

    This product has been amazing so far. I have only had it for a week but I have used it for putting practice and now can play an eighteen hole course in my own backyard! It is easy to move and perfect for practice. I have used it each day this week and it never disappoints!

  15. That'll Do!

    Posted by Mr Nasty on 22nd May 2013

    Easy to assemble, great for car camping, seems sturdy, and catches REALLY well most of the time.


    Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2013

    Extremely portable and easy to setup and breakdown! Seller was terrific, item arrived incredibly fast!

  17. Very Nice!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2012

    If you like to play disc golf and want a portable basket this is the one to get. It's a fantastic product. You can use it virtually anywhere. It's a breeze to set up and take down. You can set it up indoors for short putting practice or take it anywhere outdoors and set up a 1 hole practice course.
    I was amazed on how quickly it was shipped and delivered to my home.

  18. DGA Portable Disc Golf Basket

    Posted by DG in CT on 9th Jul 2012

    The product was exactly as described. It very closely resembled the full size baskets. Easy to put together, easy to move around, yet very sturdy. Great for backyard practice or to take to a picnic. Looks fairly weather proof, but since it's new, we just move it to the shed or garage. Easy to fold up place in it's carrying case. I won't write what everyone else wrote, but it could use a few more chains. It still catches the discs just like the full size baskets. If it did have more chains, it would not be as portable and it would be heavy, defeating it being portable.
    What impressed me most was the customer service. I had made an error on the address for delivery. Instead of shipping it to no mans land, they notified me immediately. I could not figure out the problem, they did, working diligently for 2 days and keeping me informed through email.
    I am sure if any problems with the product ever occurs, they would work very well to keep me happy.

  19. Great Basket - Minor Complaints

    Posted by Who? on 4th Apr 2012

    Had this over a year and it is everything that everyone says it is... awesome portable basket. The complaint that I have is that the rivets in the legs are of poor quality and I've had to revert to nuts and bolts to replace them - which isn't ideal for breaking down and carrying. The rivets just broke off one-by-one, and for something made to be broken down time and again, weren't made of good quality. Overall though, awesome purchase, just be gentle with the legs...


    Posted by Logon on 13th Feb 2012

    I have this basket since the beginning of the year and i love it. It is a great way to improve you short game. The basket is very sturdy with a fold up tripod base, comes off with a push button and a extra turning screw to lock it in the main pole. The main poll can be taken in to two parts if you want, i leave mine together, there is just a push button to take it apart. This will just make the main poll in to two parts but will still be connected by the chains. As for the basket it folds up like a umbrella that is upside down and the top is the same but not upside down. As you put the top up you just push it up there is a latch that holds the top up. Note:(If you put the bottom basket up be for the top there is a chance the chain will get stuck in the bottom basket witch will not allow the top to open). The bottom basket has a carter pin, kinda the same pin as you would use to hold a hitch on you truck. To open the basket you take the pin out and push the basket up to its open position and replace the pin to hold the basket open. Last you can put the little poll and flag on top of the basket for wind direction and then play!!
    This came with a travel case. There is two parts to the bag one holds the tripod stand and other holds the basket. The stand goes in the front part, I like this because it has a Velcro strap that tightens it in the pouch so it don't move and has a flap that closes the pouch. After removing the tripod stand and closed the top and bottom of your basket you can put the the it in the large part of the bag as a whole piece. The bag has a shoulder strap to carry it where every you go and only at 25 lbs its easy to carry. when in the travel bag it takes little room in the trunk of my car.
    I recommend that any one that wants to improve there short game, get this basket! It is a necessity for any one that plays or for the serious Folfer/Frisbee golf.

  21. Enjoyable Basket

    Posted by lunchbreak on 11th Feb 2012

    I have had this basket for about a year. I keep it at work and use it to practice putting during lunch.

    Putting on this basket is very comparable to putting on permanent baskets, both in size and catching ability. The top and bottom open like an umbrella with fabric stretched on a metal frame. This gives a basket that feels like a permanent basket, but that folds up easily.

    This basket could use a few more chains. In an hour of practice it will spit out 2 or 3 putts that hit solidly in the center of the chains. The putts will either cut through the chains, or bounce off the center pole. I've considered adding chains, but that would add weight, and bulk. Really the basket catches so well it does not need altering.

    The top and bottom rim are predominately fabric rather than metal. As a result the basket is a bit more forgiving for low putts. A putt that would bounce off metal can slide over the fabric on the bottom. This doesn’t happen that often, and it is probably a wash given the spit outs. I just try not to rely on this behavior when putting on other baskets.

    It may just be my imagination, but it seems to catch better on the left side than many permanent baskets.

    The flag is silly, I never have used it, and don't miss it. After all none of the baskets at the park have flags.

    A couple of minor complaints:

    After a year of use one of the bottom 'umbrella' hinge points is slipping a bit (I throw a lot of low putts), but I may be able to fix it with pliers.

    When open the basket is kept up with a large cotter pin and a keeper. The keeper is surprisingly poorly made. A direct hit (yes, more low putts) can send the cotter pin and the keeper flying in opposite directions.

    This is a great practice basket, and I am thinking of getting a second one to keep in the car.

  22. practice makes perfect

    Posted by Chris on 4th Aug 2011

    This is a good practice basket to have to practice your putting so you can get better out in the real game


    Posted by Wendel, Salem OR on 22nd Jul 2011

    After spending way too much time trying to find the best portable basket, I finally purchased the Mach Lite Basket, and couldn't be happier! The quality is by far the best I've seen for any portable basket. The fabric is VERY sturdy, and the basket comes with a drawstring to adjust tension on the rim as the fabric around the basket wears and stretches over time (or in case you are a really, really accurate and keep hitting the side with your drives). The very top and bottom of the basket are a heavy duty mesh (able to withstand any drive) to allow wind to blow through, reducing the risk of being blown over with a gust of wind. The bag is even enforced with nylon straps running vertically up and down it to prevent the basket from breaking through over time (how many camping chairs have you seen hanging out the bottom of it's bag?).

    As others have stated, the flag pole is the one minor (and I mean VERY minor) complaint I have in terms of durability, as one strong putt would probably snap the flag pole. The simple solution: buy the basket in red, and the entire basket is just about as visible as you can get. Sure, you can't see which way the wind is blowing the flag, but hey, you should be able to figure that out on your own :-D.

    Set-up is very easy, and takes a minute or less. I have had the chains get caught by the basket's collar when pushed up to the open position, but they can easily be moved out of the way if/when that happens. I've been really impressed by the basket's ability to grab discs so well. Sure, discs sometimes blow through, but that's a sacrifice I'm more than willing to take for the portability and price point. If you're really worried about that, get a permanent one.

    At 25 pounds, the basket can get a bit heavy after a while, but the only way to reduce that would have been to skimp on quality and amount of chains. Sure, the Innova DISCatcher Traveler is half the weight, but only has 4 chains, and I'd be worried that a single scuffed disc could tear the mesh (I've only seen it in stores so I haven't actually seen this happen). Plus you don't get the "ching" of the chains, and where's the fun in that? The Innova SkillShot would be nice for tightening up your putting as it is smaller than regulation size, but the single row of chains certainly won't catch as well. It also isn't constructed nearly as well. I've also heard that if you're fortunate enough to have a possible ace, a solid drive can knock the basket over, but there's no chance of that with the Mach Lite.

    There are other "portable" metal baskets that break down into a few pieces (by Innova and DGA to name only a few), but they are't nearly as portable if you're looking for something to pull out of a trunk, sling over your shoulder and go.

    If you're still reading this, you're just about as anal as I am on purchases, but believe me – you won't be disappointed! The one thing that would improve the basket would be making it out of titanium, but that would cost both your arms and maybe a leg, then no more disc golf for you :-(

    I hope you enjoy the basket as much as I do!

  24. Best deal out there!

    Posted by david.r.engle@gmail.com on 15th Jun 2011

    Just wanted to say i'm LOVING this basket!!! Just got it a little while ago but the quality seems solid. This basket will single-handedly be the biggest cause of growth to the sport in my area, since who needs a permanent course when you can buy these and have a portable setup! Thanks again, DGA!!!

    David Engle
    Kalispell, Montana

    (just in case any other montanans are reading, lol)

  25. The best portable basket!

    Posted by James Dillaman on 31st May 2011

    This is by far the best hybrid basket I've ever used. It's simple to unfold and sets up in 1-2 minutes tops. Once set up, it's very stable and provides a good "sweet spot", one larger than the smaller skill shot basket. The flag on top is very cheap, but you don't really need it. The sound of the chains is very pleasing, but there is a problem with kick-outs from hard putts and hard putters. It really isn't a problem, and for the recreational player who needs a basket to put up just when they need it and take with them, this is the product for you.

    It is pretty light for a full size basket, and the carrying case is great, with the folded up legs stored in the pouch on the outside.

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Warranty Information

1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Product Videos

Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket by the DGA 01:01

Enjoy! http://www.discgolf.com/The Mach Lite disc golf basket is collapsable and portable and can be used to practice your putt and approach shots and long drives as well. This disc golf basket is made by the DGA and is probably the best catching basket - target in disc golf and can catch almost any disc thrown at it. This video was shot in Santa Cruz California and stars Myles Harding and Kristie King of the Team DGA disc golf. The crew working on "the Chains" video shot this one. More information about this basket and about disc golf on the DGA website.

  • Mach Lite Disc...
    Enjoy! http://www.discgolf.com/The Mach Lite disc golf basket ...

Other Details

PDGA Approved:
Full Size Basket:
26 pounds
Number of Chains:
Assembly Time:
less than 1 minute
1 year
Available Colors:
red or blue
Additional Items:
carrying case with shoulder strap, DGA disc golf sticker, backyard disc golf game book
27.00 LBS
Disc golf baskets usually ship in 24 hours.

Product Description


If you are looking for a portable disc golf target, you will not be disappointed with the DGA Mach Lite.  The DGA Mach Lite is one of our best selling disc golf targets, second only to the DGA M-14.  The Mach Lite is PDGA approved, full sized, portable disc golf basket that includes a durable carrying case for easy transport and storage.


DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket Features:

  • Full sized, PDGA approved disc golf basket.
  • Portable and easy to use.  You can set up or take down this disc golf basket in under 1 minute.
  • The Mach Lite includes a folding top, basket, and base.
  • The sturdy steel frame supports 16 chains with a patented sliding link technology.
  • Disc Golf sticker, instructions, and backyard disc golf game book included.
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Includes a 1 year warranty.
  • Available colors: red and blue (if you have a color preference, please specify this during checkout)