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Innova Disc Golf Starter Set (3 to 8 Disc Sets)

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  • Innova Disc Golf Starter Set
  • Innova Rhyno Disc Golf Putter
  • Innova Roc Mid-Range Disc Golf Driver
  • Innova Teebird Disc Golf Driver

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  1. best customer service

    Posted by janet hess on 21st Nov 2014

    purchased the dga mach lite disc golf basket and these discs for my grandsons for a Christmas gift. the customer service was incredible, and I am quite sure they are going to love this gift.

  2. Fantastic set

    Posted by MNTechDad on 14th Dec 2012

    I bought ten sets for family and friends, and having played disc golf since 1978 know that these discs are going to be a great source of fun. Great value for newbies!

  3. Great starter set or a set to add to experienced bag

    Posted by Daniel Oates on 25th May 2011

    Overall: Three great discs for beginners to learn the ropes and get to know how discs fly. Not only beginners, but experienced players too! Why? They are great discs for ANY course you play and can handle most ANY condition.

    The Teebird is the most versatile and consistent driver (fairway or distance) out there by Innova. If you forehand or backhand, if you're experienced or a beginner, it's a MUST HAVE.

    The Roc is another universal disc that ams and pros alike use. A very steady disc, it'll turnover nicely after it has been broken in. I have three in my bag of different "beat-in-ness."

    The Rhyno is another steady disc. A bit more overstable than an Aviar for a beginner, it makes a nice putter or mid-range. It'll hold quite nicely in a headwind.

    Teebirds, Rocs, and Rhynos are always in my rotation of "I gotta buy another disc..."

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Product Description

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set 

Are you new to the sport of disc golf, or are you looking to introduce a friend to this wonderful sport?  If so, then this starter set may be just what you need.

The Innova Disc Golf Starter Set is specifically designed for beginning disc golf players.  With this in mind, we hand-picked three classic golf discs that are dependable, inexpensive, and easy to throw.

3 Disc Set Includes:  TeeBird, Roc, and Rhyno.

5 Disc Set Includes:  Valkyrie, TeeBird, Shark, Roc, and Rhyno.

8 Disc Set Includes:  Beast, Valkyrie, TeeBird, Leopard, Stingray, Shark, Roc, and Rhyno.


Discs Descriptions for the Standard Starter Set:

  • Teebird (Disc Golf Driver):  The Innova Teebird is an accurate, predictable, straight-flying, easy to throw disc golf driver. It is, hands down, one of the first drivers that we recommend for new players. It is not the farthest flying disc, but is accurate and easy to throw (which is important for new players).  The Teebird will help you to develop proper throwing form and, with a little practice, most players will be able to throw this disc upwards of 300 feet.
  • Roc (Mid-Range Driver): The DX Roc is a classic golf disc and one of Innova's most versatile discs.  The Roc is a multi-purpose disc and is best used for any shot under 150 feet from the basket.  It is classified as a mid-range disc golf driver, but also works very well as a putt and approach disc.  The Roc is one of our favorite beginner discs--an excellent choice for an all-around golf disc.
  • Rhyno (Disc Golf Putter): The Innova Rhyno is a consistent, reliable disc golf putter.  This is one of Innova's best short game discs.  On design factor that sets the Rhyno apart from other putters is it's unique Thumtrac™.  The Thumtrac™ is a small groove that provides a comfortable feel and consistent, reliable grip.
  • Driven Mini Marker Disc: heavy, grippy, miniature version of a golf disc (styles and stamps will vary).  

Please note that disc colors and weights will vary based on what we currently have in stock.  You are welcome to state your disc color/weight preferences during checkout.  If you have specific color/weight combinations, the we recommend that you order your discs individually versus in a set.