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Comparison of Innova Disc Golf Plastics

Innova Disc Golf Plastics

A comparison of Innova Disc Golf Plastics (by Bill Gilbert)

Innova Disc Golf manufactures golf discs in four styles of plastic: Star, Champion, Pro Line, and DX (or "Deluxe").  Each plastic has its own unique characteristics designed to meet the needs of disc golfers world wide.   Innova's BEST plastic (and our favorite) is the STAR Line Plastic.  Innova's STAR discs offer superior performance, enhansed durability, and excellent grip in all weather conditions. Innova made their name with their world famous Champion Line plastic.  Innova's Champion discs are extremely durable golf discs which are available in a variety of translucent (or clear) colors.  Innova's Pro Line discs were developed to provide golf discs with extra grip and increased glide.  Thus, we refer to Pro Line discs as Innova's "grippy discs." The DX plastic is Innova's value priced plastic.  It is highly popular due to its low cost, however Innova's DX plastic does wear quickly.  


Innova's STAR Plastic

Innova's high performance Star Line discs feel great in your hand!  Star plastic is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers that offer the superior durability of Champion plastic combined with the enhansed grip of Pro Line plastic (sort of the "best of both worlds").

Benefits of Innova's STAR Plastic:

  • Long-Lasting Durabiltiy (even on rugged and/or wooded courses)
  • STAR Discs will retain their flight characteristics much longer than Pro-Line or DX Discs.
  • Consistent and Predictable Performance
  • Great All-Weather Grip


Innova's Champion Plastic

Innova's Champion discs were originaly designed for professional players and are easily distinguished by their "pearlescent" (translucent) plastic. These are truly beautiful golf discs cast in a clear (or semi-clear) plastic.  Don't let the beauty fool you, Innova's Champion plastic produces tough, rugged golf discs.  Champion discs can take a beating and keep on going.  I've personally driven a Champion disc straight into a tree (less than 20 feet away) and could not even find a scratch or indication of where the disc hit the tree.  We've drive over Champion discs in an SUV and noticed absolutely no difference in flight pattern.  Champion discs are that tough! As such, they will retain their flight characteristics much longer than Pro-Line or DX golf discs.  Whether you are throwing in wooded areas or extremely rugged courses, Innova's Champion golf discs will avoide damage better than any other plastic.

Benefits of Innova's Champion Discs:

  • Superior Durability and Reliable Performance
  • Beautiful Clear (or semi-clear) Plastic
  • Retain Their Flight Characteristics Longer than DX or Pro Line Plastics


Innova's Pro Line Plastic

Innova's Pro Line discs offer a higher quality disc for a budget minded shopper.  The Pro Line discs offer more durability than the inexpensive DX plastic and more grip than the Champion line.  Innova also states tha the Pro Line discs have a longer glide than other models. Recently, Pro Line discs have been drawing more attention from disc golfers, mainly due to price.  Many budget minded Disc Golfers are buying Pro Line discs simply because they are cheaper alternative to the STAR plastic, yet still offer additional durabilty and grip over the DX discs.

Benefits of Innova's Pro Line discs:

  • Provides Improved Grip over Champion Plastic
  • More Durable than DX Plastic
  • More Economical than both the STAR and Champion Plastics
  • Increased Glide over all other Plastics


Innova's DX Plastic

DX (or "Deluxe") plastic is the name for Innova's budget-minded plastic.  The DX plastic produces a disc golf disc with excellent grip, but limited durability.  These discs are inexpensive, but they will wear quickly.  Many players actually like the fact that DX disc break in quickly.  They will carry several DX discs with various levels of wear because they know exactly how the disc will fly (ie. "broken in discs" fly differently than "new" golf discs).

Benefits of Innova's DX Discs:

  • Affordabilty - DX Discs are Innova's Most Afforadable Golf Discs
  • Provide Superior Grip in Most Weather Conditions
  • Wear in Progressively to Provide Varied Flight Characteristics