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How to Improve Your Disc Golf Putting Skills

An Article Written "For the Love of the Game" (by Bill Gilbert)

There is a classic saying in the world of golf: "Drive for show, putt for dough."  This saying applies equally as well to disc golf.  Everyone is impressed with long, straight, accurate drives to the basket.  This is why we play--to feel the rip and watch in awe as your disc sails through air, then fades to the basket. The real money in tournaments or skins, however, is made in the putt. Regardless of how strong your driving skills, if your putting skills lack, then you will never be a good disc golf player. Accuracy in putting is essential, thus the importance of practice.  

You need to develop muscle memory through repetition.  The best way to do this is simply to get out there and practice your putt.  This can be accomplished in your back yard with one, or preferably, two portable disc golf baskets.  

This article outlines some simple activities that you can do by yourself or with a friend to improve your putting skills.

  • Distance Drills:   Spend 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times per day practicing your putt at given intervals.  Grab 5 - 10 disc golf putters and mark off intervals at a distance of 8 ft, 16 ft, 24 ft, 32 ft, and so on.  At each interval, throw 5 - 10 shots.  If you make 80% of your putts, then move to the next interval.  If not, then throw another 10 discs from this interval.
  • Use 2 Baskets for Efficient Training: If you own two disc golf baskets, then use this to your advantage for efficient training.  Set the baskets at a distance of your choosing (be sure to change the placement of the baskets daily).  Take 10 or more discs and putt to one of the baskets.  Collect your discs, turn around, and putt towards the other basket.  Using this method, you can easily practice 100+ putts in just 10 to 15 minutes.  If you do this 2 to 3 times per day for two weeks, then you will have completed 3500+ putts.  Your putting game will improve tremendously with minimal effort.
  • Set your Baskets in Challenging Places: If you own a portable disc golf target, then by all means MOVE IT!  Avoid shooting the same shot every time you practice.  Find unusual places to set your basket.  Challenge yourself by creating "rules" that force you to try strange and unusual throwing styles.  If there are no physical barriers in your yard, then you can challenge yourself by only throwing tomahawk shots, hyzer, or anhyzer.  Try shooting blind shot by standing on the side of your house or even throwing over your house.  Get creative and think outside of the box.  After all, the shots you encounter on the course will most likely require ackward throwing styles.
  • Practice with Other Players: Do not be afraid to practice with other players, especially players who are better than you.  If you own some practice targets, then invite your disc golf buddies over to practice with you.  Every player has their own style and approach to the game.  When you practice with friends, they will give you new ideas, critique your putting, and provide tips and a fresh perspective on the game.