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Portable Disc Golf Basket Comparison Guide

A Brief Comparison of Portable Consumer Disc Golf Baskets (by Bill Gilbert)

If you are looking to improve your disc golf game, particularly your putting skills, then a portable disc golf basket is one of the best investments you can make.  This article is designed to give you the information to choose the best disc golf basket for your particular needs.

Choosing a Disc Golf Basket:  Hybrid or All Metal Design?

The first question that you want to answer when choosing a new disc golf basket is the question of "how portable" and "how weather resistant" do I need my basket to be?  

  • Hybrid Disc Golf Basket: If you value portability over weather resistance, then you will want to choose a hybrid design such as the DGA Mach Lite or Innova's Traveler targets.


  • All-Metal Baskets: If you plan to leave your basket setup outdoors most of the time, or if you want a basket that will closely resemble the targets that you see on a disc golf course, then you will want to choose an all-metal design.

Hybrid Disc Golf Baskets


Hybrid Disc Golf Baskets: Hybrid Disc Golf baskets are all about portability.  Most hybrid baskets include a carrying case and are manufactured with folding metal, a denim/canvas type of material, and lighter-weight chains.  Hybrid targets typically weigh between 15 - 25 pounds.  All of our Hybrid targets setup an tear down in less than a minute and will easily fit in the trunk of your car.

DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket

DGA Mach Lite: The DGA Mach Lite is our #1 selling hybrid disc golf basket.  It is a very well constructed, full-sized target and includes a sturdy carrying case.  If you have never seen this target in person, then you will be pleasantly surprised with the build quality and size of the basket. The catching basket includes 16 chains with a sliding link design to absorb the impact of your disc when it hits the target.  The Mach Lite is available in red or blue and includes a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.  Also included with this basket is a bright red wind-direction flag that attaches to the top of the target.

Outstanding Feature of the Mach Lite: Catching Area - For a portable target the Mach Lite has a remarkably large catching area comparable to any basket you will find on the course.

Innova Skillshot Disc Golf Basket

Innova Skill Shot: The Innova Skill Shot was one of the first hybrid baskets originally introduced as the Ching Skill Shot.  The Skill Shot is a compact practice target.  It is significantly smaller than the Mach Lite in both its catching area and its travel size.  Strangly enough, however, both targets weigh in at 26 pounds and both targets include 16 chains.  One notable difference in chain configuration is that the Skill Shot's chains basically hang straight up and down.   The Skill Shot includes a handy carrying case, wind-direction flag, and is available in red, blue, black, and green.

Unique Feature of the Skill Shot: Smaller Catching Area--Some players appreciate the smaller catching area of the Skill Shot because it forces them to practice with tighter putting accuracy than they find on the course.

Innova Traveler Disc Golf Basket

Innova Discatcher Traveler: The Innova Discatcher Traveler is by far the most unique hybrid disc golf target design.  Innova broke the mold of the traditional disc golf basket when they designed this target.  The Traveler was designed to be the lightest portable disc golf target available, weighing in at an amazing 13.5 pounds.  This target has a tent-like construction utilizing 6 catching chains wrapped in a mesh netting which eliminates cut-throughs.  Obviously, if weight is your #1 concern, then the Traveler is the target for you.  The Traveler is available in red, blue, and Innova yellow.

Unique Feature of the Traveler: Weight - The Traveler weighs only 13.5 pounds.


All-Metal Disc Golf Baskets


All-Metal Disc Golf Baskets: All-metal portable disc golf baskets are designed to endure the elements.  All-metal targets are your best choice for targets that you intend to leave set-up outdoors. They are ideal for backyard use, home disc golf courses, and temporary disc golf courses. All-metal disc golf targets closely resemble the baskets that you see on the course.

DGA M-14 Disc Golf Basket

DGA M-14: The DGA M-14 is a light-weight, all-metal, full-sized portable disc golf basket. The M-14 weighs in at 25 pounds and is constructed with 1/4 inch, silver-zinc-plated, steel rod construction.  The M-14 contains no screws.  The entire basket assembles/disassembles with the use of push pins.  As a result this basket is the most portable all-metal basket.  The M-14 includes 14 catching chains with both an inner and outer set of chains. This is a very versatile disc golf basket and an ideal choice if you plan to relocate the basket often.  Also included is a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Unique Features of the M-14: Lightweight construction and portability.

Innova Discatcher Sport Disc Golf Target

Innova Discatcher Sport: The Discatcher Sport is Innova's flagship practice target.  The Discatcher Sport is a full-sized, medium duty, well-built (rough & tough) portable disc golf target.  It weighs in at just over 40 pounds.  This is one hefty target!  The Discatcher is portable, but not as easily portable as the M-14.  The simple basket assembly is secured with 3 screws. (Warning: these screws can strip out during assembly/disassembly...so be careful!) For this reason, we consider the Discatcher Sport a semi-portable target.  Once fully assembled, this target is rock solid.  We assembled our demo unit in 3 minutes or less.  The chain assembly includes 18 heavy-duty chains and allows very few cut-thoughs.

Notable Features of the Discatcher Sport:  Solid, study construction with excellent disc-catching ability.

Lightning DB-5 Disc Golf Basket

Lightning DB-5: The DB-5 is a medium-to-heavy-duty full-sized portable disc golf basket.  The basket is similar in design to the Discatcher Sport.  The only notable design difference is that the DB-5 includes assembly bolts (versus screws).  The DB-5 weighs in at 51 pounds, includes 18 chains, and a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.

Notable Features of the DB-5: Solid, sturdy construction.

Discraft Chainstar Disc Golf BasketDiscraft Chainstar: The Discraft Chainstar (stand mounted) is the Big Daddy of portable disc golf targets.  This is a heavy-duty, full-sized target that is basically the same target that you will find on the course.  It weighs in at over 50 pounds and includes 24 catching chains in three rows (12 outer, 6 middle, 6 inner).  It's also the only target that includes a mounted wheel for easy movement.  If you are looking for the best-quality portable target, then the Chainstar is it.

Notable Features of the Discraft Chainstar: Heavy-duty construction, 24 chains (in a 3-tiered configuration), and a mounted wheel.