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Innova Disc Golf 5 Disc Starter Set by Driven


Are you new to the sport of disc golf, or are you looking to introduce a friend to this wonderful sport? If so, then this starter set is just what you need. The Driven Disc Golf Starter Set is specifically designed for newer disc golf players. With this in mind, we hand-pick a variety of classic golf discs that are dependable, and easy to throw. Each disc is selected by experienced disc golf players specifically for new players. The disc molds and weights selected are designed to not only get you out and throwing quickly, but also to grow with you as your skills improve.  There is a good chance that most of these discs will stay in your bag for a lifetime.


This Set Includes:

  • Innova Aviar Putter - The #1 Putter in Disc Golf and choice of World Champions. 
  • Innova Roc - a classic, straight-flying, midrange disc that is perfect for beginners and a favorite of pro players.
  • Innova Leopard - a fairway driver designed for long, straight shots.  An perfect choice for your first driver. The Leopard has excellent glide and easy to throw and control. As you gain experience, you can gain extra distance from this disc by throwing hyzer flip shots.
  • Innova TeeBird - an excellent driver for pin-point accuracy or distance, the preferred fairway driver of 12 time world champion Ken Climo.
  • Innova Valkyrie - an excellent distance driver for beginners. The Valkyrie is one of our favorite drivers. As a speed 9 disc, it is easy enough for newer players to learn to control (especially in lighter weights) but will grow with you as your drive improves. Experienced players will achieve great distance with this disc.


As an added bonus, we are throwing in few "extras:"

  • A FREE Driven Mini Marker Disc: a custom made, miniature golf disc. These are available in a variety of sizes, so collect them all.
  • 1025 Scoresheets: 1025 is a disc golf game designed to improve your putt. It is a FUN way to challenge yourself while improving your skills and increasing your confidence.
  • Disc Flight Reference Card: new players are not always familiar with basic disc golf terms. The flight reference card is a handy sheet that provides some basic information as well a definitions for the Innova Flight Rating System.  Place this in your bag, then pull it out when you need a refresher.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if you are not happy, we are not happy (but we think you will be). All of our sets include a 30 day, money back guarantee.


What are you waiting for? Buy a disc golf set (or two), then grab a friend and get out and throw some plastic--go outside and play, live your life, rattle some chains.

5 Disc Starter Set (Colors Vary)

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