Driven El Nino - 6" (Mid-Sized) Disc Golf Driver


Why let the kids have all the fun? The El Niño was originally designed as a Jr. disc. However, from the first flight test, we realized that this is so much more than just a fun toy. Don't let its size fool you, this little disc packs a punch! Our current distance record is 324' and we think that is just the beginning. The El Niño is the first Bantamwidth™ disc -- larger than mini, smaller than a full-sized disc. It has the same play and feel as its larger companion, just in smaller package. The El Nino is the perfect size for a backyard disc golf game or to spice up your weekly play with a new twist.


  • The El Niño is a Bantamwidth Mid-Range Driver designed by Driven Disc Golf
  • A perfect choice for smaller hands or players looking to add some variety to their game.
  • At just over 6” in diameter, this mid-sized disc packs all the punch of a full-sized driver in a smaller package.
  • The El Niño is stable, controllable, mid-range driver that is just plain FUN TO THROW!
  • This disc can take a solid toss, big arms, and handles well in windy conditions.



Driven El Nino - Mid-Sized Disc Golf Driver


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